Friday, 1 April 2016


I did some writing today:


    Swift movements
    Slinking around by brick walls
    Prowling on top of the roof
    Purring in her basket
    Watching over the world
    On the end of my bed by dawn

Darkness has no light

Darkness has no light
It is quiet but not busy

The kiwi calls
The skinks slither

Tuatara rest
The moon is high

Puddles gather in the rain
The morepork hunts

Newborn mice shiver
Stars twinkle in the sky

Crickets chirp loudly
Buds turn into blossoms

Darkness in different
Darkness only has slivers of moonlight.


  1. Lovely poems. You are so good at them. Do you know, I am completely useless at them?

  2. I had to Google 'Tuatara' after reading this! Thank you for teaching me something new. :-)